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 New Windows 7 tower computers available!

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Windows 7 PCs
Worried about using Window 8?
New Windows 7 computers still available from Guildford Computers

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Our comprehensive service includes:

  Data backup of documents, E-mail, pictures 
  Data backup of music and films if feasible (Less Than 20 Gb.)
  Diagnose fault - determine if software or hardware.
  If software then:
  Attempt a manual repair by manipulation of running programs and drivers.
  If manual repair fails then perform a non-data-destructive reinstall of Windows. If this fails reformat and reinstall completely.
  Apply all Windows Updates and service packs, install a basic anti-virus (and firewall if necessary).
  Restore Backup data. Import E-mail to your E-mail program.
  If you provide the original disk(s) we will also reinstall your applications.
  If hardware then:
  Advise you of the costs, replace faulty part(s) and install any necessary additional drivers.
  If there is a major fault advise you of validity of the repair versus a new replacement computer.
  Internally clean the computer including fans, heatsinks and ventilation grilles.
  Externally clean the computer.

Our Service is designed to return the computer to you as a working unit that you can use immediately!

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Toshiba C850-19Z

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10 Mixed length Cat5e Ethernt cables

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Starbuzz e-cigarettes

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SKYCIG e-cigarettes

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